From the recording Drew Black - Wanderlust

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Wanderlust and the Great Divide


Take it off, girl. Give it to me. Say what you want, girl. I'm not listening. If I had the devil in my ear, you had the devil in your mouth. The things you said, girl, is like they's both making out. You had the devil 'tween your legs. I had the devil in my mouth. It doesn't taste like you at all so there ain't much to figure out. In like a ghost. Out like a phantom. I love you, girl. You're so goddamn handsome. Take it all, girl. Leave nothing for me. Sing your song, girl. We're just dancing. If they killed Christ, what do you think they'll do to me? Is it best to just keep quiet and not gain a following? You have the devil 'tween your legs: carry out all the commands. Do that dance, girl, like we're both laying hands.