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Okay, here's how this podcast works:

1) Check the episode title to see which movie we're watching together this month.

2) Pop that flick into your home entertainment player.

3) Turn down the volume on your tv. Turn up the volume on your computer/mp3 player.

4) Start the podcast. Play the feature when we give you the go ahead.

5) Listen to us talk through the movie as you watch along.
Alex Paxton knows more about cinema than just about anyone we know. He reads -- and somehow retains -- every bit of information in the closing credits of the many, many films he sees, and he brings that knowledge to "Talking Pictures" each month. Alex is also one of the co-hosts of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A" on the FASE Media Podcast Network.

Larry Duane
is not even close to being the fount of cinematic knowlege that his co-host is, but he does have a great love for movies, and is always up-to-date on the latest spoilers, rumors, and news coming out of Hollywood. Thanks to certain entertainment databases on the web, he can also hold his own when it comes to movie trivia. Larry hosts "Not Ready For Radio" and is also the head of FASE Media.


Our Feature Presentation

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Larry and Alex celebrate Christmas with an action-comedy set during this festive season, and featuring a number of things sure to land them on Santa's naughty list: guns, boobs, dead bodies, and digital dismemberment. Shane Black has a knack for writing excellent action-packed stories set during Christmas, and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is no different, except that Black also made his directorial debut with this Robert Downey, Jr. / Val Kilmer vehicle. Tune in now to listen to the boys as they down eggnog and discuss one of their festive film favorites.


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