From the recording Drew Black - Wanderlust

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Postbellum Transparency


The sea doesn't want you. She spit you on the shore. She sold back the shells you gave her and the little fish she bore. The crest, it licks you as you lay on the shore. You could drown yourself inside her, but she'll spite you all the more. Listless and lawless, it's anything, but flawless. It ain't perfect so it's broke. You don't see color or anything while you sleep. You got that from your mother because that's how things repeat. Your mother left you only the contents of her purse. Be careful so your daughter can leave more for hers. The sailor gave her the contents of the hull. The ship broke apart kissing the seawall. Swim for the sails that cling to the mast. Hold your breath, sailor, every storm has passed.