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It Ain't Gay If It's a Three-Way! This Week's Episode of "Not Ready For Radio" is Available Now! 

Episode Eleven: Nothing In This Podcast Is True (But It's Exactly the Way Things Are)
Listen in as Larry has his first man-on-man-on-man three-way! Drew Black (of Drew Black and Dirty Electric) returns to the show and brings fellow rock star Gavin Mac (of The Latenight Callers) with him, and the trio discuss aliens, naked celebrities, fat chicks, epic rap battles, and lots of other crap that must be heard to be disbelieved.


"Not Ready For Radio" Gets Tara-fied 

Larry's guest this week is Tara Shaw, and together they spend a ridiculously long time talking about porn before being distracted by Christian sex toys and Purity Panties (TM). Then more clean talk about dirty stuff ensues before Larry introduces Tara to Chatroulette for the second time, and finally they get geeky with Avengers excitement.
Larry Duane & Tara Shaw

Things Get Sexy On "Not Ready For Radio" This Week!  

Light some candles, dim the lights, and get out the bacon-flavored lube, because this week's podcast takes a turn for the sexy when Larry Duane welcomes Alisha Vincent to the show. Prepare to feel blood rush to your naughty bits as they tittilate your aural cavities with talk of boobies, boners, and below-the-belt bushiness. Tune in for a special "after dark" edition of Larry Duane's "Not Ready For Radio".
Larry Duane and Alisha Vincent

Larry Duane and Brett LaFollette School You, Sunday Style! 

Brett LaFollette makes a return visit to "Not Ready For Radio" to discuss a terrifying (and hopefully fake) April Fools Day prank gone awry, how Christians are completely ignorant when it comes to Jewish things like circumcision and Passover, and the way in which a rabbit delivering eggs represents the true meaning of Easter. Click here to listen to "Not Ready For Radio" for the first week of April 2012.



Larry Duane & Brett LaFollette

"Not Ready For Radio" Celebrates the 5th Birthday of Larry Duane's Daughter 

For episode four of his new weekly podcast, Larry welcomes his ex to the show to help celebrate their daughter's birthday! But before the festivities start, Larry and Abigail Romang discuss news about PMS and Batman; and Larry forces her to look into the Glory Hole, which makes her righteously indignant. Click here to listen to "Not Ready For Radio" for the week of March 19th - March 25th.

Abigail Romang, Stormie Lenore Murphy, and Larry Duane