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Alex, Katie, and Larry Talk "THOR"! 

Larry and Alex join Katie for a viewing of the God of Thunder's feature film debut in Marvel's "Thor"! This month's picture was all her idea, because she was super-excited about Chris Hemsworth's return to the silver screen as the Prince of Asgard in the sequel to this 2011 smash hit. So before rushing out to see the new movie, which they hope will be just as Thor-rific as this one, the gang gathers for a refresher on the Avenger's origin (or lack thereof, as the trio discuss in this episode). Wouldst thou join them?


Happy Halloween from "Not Ready For Radio"! 

Halloween is here! And that means that it's time to bury NRFR's "Halloweekly" series so that it can arise even stronger next year. But, before we do, Larry Duane and his guests have a few scary stories left to tell, a few horror trivia questions to answer, and a few October laughs to share. Tune in now to join Larry, Nate, Libby, and Katie for some "Tales From the Dorkside"!


Katie Gets Kreepy with Kansas City's "Paranormal Playground"! 

For her second Halloween episode, Katie welcomes the investigators from Kansas City's "Paranormal Playground" to the show for a discussion about ghosts and the places they haunt. Along with this episode's guest co-host, Katie and the paranormal pros reveal some personal brushes with the spirit realm, and also some tools of the ghost-hunting trade. You'll want to listen closely because there is a quiz in the afterlife of this episode, which could earn you a free "Paranormal Playground" tee should you answer the question correctly!


Larry Duane Digs Deeper Into SyFy's "Ghost Mine"... 

As Halloween quickly approaches, Larry Duane's "Halloweekly" series continues on "Not Ready For Radio". This week, Larry Overman of television's "Ghost Mine" visits the show to discuss his acquisition of the purportedly haunted property featured in the series, as well as some of his encounters with the lingering spirits who still seem to be staking their claim to the place. The pair of Larrys touch upon some of the controversy surrounding the show, and they also discuss how the publicity that Overman has received as a result of the ghostly goings-on at the mine has provided exciting opportunities for him to do some charitable lifting of spirits for needy kids. Listen now to dig a little deeper into "Ghost Mine"!


"Not Ready For Radio" Is With You In Spirit... 

NRFR's "Halloweekly" series coninues as Larry welcomes Dr. Rita Louise to the show for a discussion about attached entities -- spirits who invade our personal space. Specifically, they discuss some of the real-life encounters that Dr. Rita has experienced in her work as a medical intuitive, paranormal investigator, and clairvoyant, and that she's written about in her book, "Dark Angels: An Insider's Guide to Ghosts, Spirits, and Attached Entities". Listen now to hear the conversation about these haunting hijackers, and then go get your own copy of Dr. Rita's freaky and fascinating book! Oh, and remember that weird audio interference that plagued the podcast last week? Yeah, well, it's back. Ghosts? Gremlins? We don't know, but it sure makes the listening experience extra spooky!


OK Stupid <3 

Katie is joined by her brother and his girlfriend for a discussion about online dating and the relationships that are formed via technology. This is the first time Katie has had a family member on the show, and they end up discussing weiners! It's so worth it to tune in to this one, people!


NRFR's "Halloweekly" Series Continues with Psychic Betsy Balega! 

Larry Duane's "Not Ready For Radio" program celebrates it's second week of "Halloweekly" by peering into the spiritual realm with psychic Betsy Balega. Together, she and Larry discuss some of her brushes with otherworldly entities, how she first learned of her incredible abilities, and what she believes our dearly departed are up to these days. Tune in, and you'll also hear about how Larry's grandparents visited him after their passing. You'll also hear some strange anomalies jacking with the call as Larry and Betsy converse. Could it be ghostly interference? Listen now and decide for yourself!


What's "Eaton" Krabby Katie This Week? 

Alternative country artist Ronnie Eaton visits Katie for a discussion about his music, what and who inspires him, what some of the more difficult aspects of the industry are, and his aspirations for the future. The pair also check out a few tracks from Eaton's latest album and discuss those songs specifically. Tune in now for a listen, and then be sure to visit Ronnie Eaton online and pick up your own copy of "The Moth Complex".


One, Two, Freddy's Coming for You! 

Alex is out making a movie, so Drew, Ja'son, Melissa, and Katie sit in with Larry for October's "Talking Pictures" feature. Together, the group watch and discuss Wes Craven's 1984 horror classic, "A Nightmare On Elm Street". The movie that saved New Line Cinema and introduced the world to Freddy Krueger is one of the most well-known and respected of the genre, but half of the people at the table this month are seeing it for the first time, which makes for an interesting perspective on the film. Tune in now to join the gang for a fun discussion about the famous slasher flick, dreams and nightmares, special effects, and more. But, whatever you do, don't fall asleep!

Sink Your Teeth Into Zombie Novel "Gnash"! Author Brian Parker Visits "Not Ready For Radio"... 

For the first episode of NRFR's "Halloweekly" series, Larry Duane chews the fat with active-duty soldier and first-time author Brian Parker. Larry has nothing but praise for Parker's new scary story ("Gnash", available at this link), calling it "a mash-up of Tom Clancy and Stephen King, sprinkled with some Dan Brown"; and he is anxious to pick the brain of the first-time novelist. Listen in now to get a taste of Brian Parker's bloody good zombie novel, and to hear some of the reasons why Larry simply devoured it!

Katie Gets Krabby with Joe Bachman! 

Katie is joined this week by Joe Bachman, a recording artist with a passion for both music and the military. The pair discuss how Joe started his career in country music, what inspired his new hit song about PTSD, the ways in which he's been able to give back to the troops, and what lies ahead for this rising star. Tune in now to hear how the drive to do what he loves inspired this former white-collar worker to chase his dream from local radio stations all the way to his upcoming tour with country music icon "Alabama"!

Larry Duane Wraps Up "Sexy September" In the Biblical Sense... 

Larry Duane wraps up his "Sexy September" series with a discussion about Biblical bawdiness with Matthew Stillman, author of "Genesis Deflowered". The pair discuss some of the ways in which Stillman's book mixes the sensual with the spiritual, including how it highlights tawdry tales already present in the surprisingly skanky scripture. Tune in now to hear just how human some of the heroes of the Bible were!

Katie Gets a Visit From the Canadian Dad... 

The Canadian Dad of joins Katie for a talk about his adventures in the blogosphere, and about the many exciting opportunities his popular blog has afforded him. Because blogging is kinda like podcasting minus the microphones, the pair discover that they can relate really well to one another, and they spend the better portion of this episode empathizing with one another about the ups and downs of stepping out of their comfort zones in an effort to entertain and illuminate their readers and listeners. The episode might feel a bit like a private conversation between two pros in a niche industry, but it actually offers a profoundly educational peek into the hearts and minds of two individuals following a somewhat similar passion. Listen in by clicking here.

Katie Gets Krabby with Christopher Rich ("Murphy Brown", "Reba")... 

Christopher Rich, well known for his roles on television's "Murphy Brown" and "Reba", joins Katie to talk about the new sitcom he's working on and how listeners can help support it. Not only is he playing a character on this unique new show, but he's also a producer for "Swallow Your Bliss", which also stars Lisa Long, Caroline Rich Schwartz, and Michael Dorn. But what's cool about the show isn't just a cast that includes actors who have appeared on things like CBS' "Murphy Brown", NBC's "Community", Nickelodeon's "FRED: The Show", and Paramount's "Star Trek". No, what's cooler is how the show is planning to serve the less fortunate while serving up laughs. And what's cooler still is that "Katie Gets Krabby" listeners can help get this show made via the "Swallow Your Bliss" indiegogo campaign! Listen to Katie's show now, then go here to make Christopher Rich's show happen:!

Dangerous Curves Ahead... 

Jessy Kissinger is a curvy cutie with a passion for positive posts about body image over on her popular "Plus Size Mommas" Facebook page. She makes her "Not Ready For Radio" debut in week three of our "Sexy September 2013" series, and she and Larry Duane engage in a fun and fascinating discussion about finding happiness in your skin, no matter how many square inches that skin covers. Listen now to get the skinny on Jessy, and on her mission to help sirens of all sizes feel their sexiest!

Krabby Katie, Patrick Ryan, the Universe, and Everything... 

Comedian Patrick Ryan joins Katie for a boisterous coversation about comedy (and horny comedians), relationships (and perceptions of relationships), superhero movies (and the hotness of a certain God of Thunder), and tons of other random crap. In fact, a shorter list would be things not discussed in this episode. Here goes. Things NOT discussed in this episode: toothpicks, string theory, ancient Roman architecture, and how Fig Newtons are made. That's it. Everything else gets discussed. Tune in now if you don't believe us.

Katie Gets "Stone'd" Again... 

Returning guest Warren Stone has some big things happening, so Katie catches up with him in his dressing room before a performance to get the scoop. Be sure to listen to this abbreviated episode of "Katie Gets Krabby" to hear the latest news about Warren and his band (Midway Blue), his feelings about potential stalkers, and what he's been up to since his appearance on NBC's "The Voice".

Larry Gets Rich... 

Abigail Rich is a model, actress, and Playboy Bunny, and she's visiting Larry Duane in the second week of NRFR's second annual "Sexy September" to share her astonishing story of survivor-turned-sex-symbol! Tune in to hear how a fall from the heavens (and resulting impalement by tree limb) ultimately led this angel to a job at a place known for their wings (but mostly for their breasts), followed by an international cosmetic campaign, followed by a stint on Hef's payroll, and then to a budding television and film career (such as her recent bit in "The Hangover Part III"). This is the episode where Larry gets Rich... Abigail Rich!

Special 9/11 Episode of "Katie Gets Krabby" Available Today! 

Jen from Bands for Arms joins Katie for a solemn remembrance of 9/11, and a discussion about how their lives have been impacted by the fallout from that tragic day. Due to technical problems, the sound quality on this episode was compromised; but because of the meaningful content, the decision was made to release it despite the audio quality issues. Please listen, and please also visit Bands for Arms to support our US Military Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

So We've Got That Going For Us, Which Is Nice... 

Alex and Larry reconvene once again, this time to watch the hilarious goofball golf comedy "Caddyshack". Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Ted Knight are all at their best in this cult classic. In fact, they are so good that the guys end up doing more watching and laughing than talking (oops!). Still, though, they manage to offer some interesting tidbits about the film, and they had a pretty darn good time watching it. And, really, that's the point, right?

Krabby Katie Comes Back! 

After an extended absence, Krabby Katie returns to the mic with the story of why she's been away for such a very long time. Here's a hint: that really is her mangled car in the photo for this episode! Tune in now to hear how the Krab-mobile got kreamed, how the krash affected her kranium, and what all of this means for the kontinuing adventures of "Katie Gets Krabby"!

Sexy September 2 Starts Here! 

NRFR's second annual "Sexy September" is here! Joining Larry (and special guest co-host Alex) for some tawdry talk is a man known to his 20,000 Facebook followers as The Porn Clerk. The guys share some of their earliest, funniest, weirdest, and most regretful experiences with smut mags and skin flicks. The Porn Clerk talks about the changing state of the adult industry, Alex checks in on the infamous-and-recently-ill Ron Jeremy, and Larry shares some stats about x-rated internet searches from around the country. Everyone's seen it; this week, we're talking about it on "Not Ready For Radio"!

The Dork Knight Returns! 

After a 3-month absence, Larry Duane returns to "Not Ready For Radio" to get geeky with talk about the Bat-fleck uproar, and to share his thoughts about this summer's Superman movie and it's announced sequel. He also brings the Dark Knight into the NSA scandal before discussing the real-life superhero movement. Finally, the show wraps up with a reminder that we can all be caped crusaders, at least in spirit. Larry is back in his Batcave, so tune in now!