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Here's What's Happening...

Pat and Dennis Do That Thing You Do... 

Patrick is on his second podcast of the day, and he is all eff'd up on Flonase and adrenaline. In this compromised state, he muses about what listeners can expect if Dennis dies, and he develops a fear of hyper-AIDS. He and Dennis also determine that Pat wouldn't hide a body, but he would (and does) set one on fire. They also wonder what O.J. Simpson is up to in the big house, review texts for proof of life, and discuss that thing that Tom Hanks does. Things get weird and hilarious in this episode, so don't fail to listen!


Patrick Ryan Doesn't Have Gay John This Week... 

Patrick and Dennis are re-joined by re-turning guests Aaron Naylor and Miguel Ruiz, and together they re-visit the ol' "Hamburger" routine. They also discuss McDonaldland characters, a holiday tragedy, PBR, animal rape, a political career or two, hot dog boobs, homeopathy, drive-thru crime, Gay John, and - believe it or not - SO much more! Listen now for the funny stuff!


Krabby Katie Comes Back... 

Katie returns from a long absence to introduce Caleb Gudde, her new partner-in-crime. Listen now to hear about children taking over the world, comedy nights at a local bar, Caleb's man-crush on dudes with long hair, and what might be in store for Katie and Caleb in the future.


Patrick Ryan Goes Raw! 

Patrick and Dennis are joined by Zach Smith and Patrick Moore, and together the group schemes ways to get the attention of potential corporate sponsors. Along the way, they blackmail ADT, deliver some creampie surprises, examine their potential sociopathy, show apathy towards flag burning, and get anxiety about voicemails. Slide this episode into your ear now!

Reality Roadhouse Debuts With Guest Maria Kanellis! 

In the inaugural episode of the Reality Roadhouse Podcast, Katie is joined by former WWE Diva and First Lady of Ring of Honor Maria Kanellis. Kanellis talks about her tenacity following the Raw Diva Search competition, how her time on Celebrity Apprentice was inspirational for her, and what things are like between her and Cyndi Lauper following their televised catfight. She also discusses her appearance in Playboy, and answers Katie's rapid fire questions regarding her castmates. Tune in now for this and so much more!

Love and Hate and Tears On the Patrick Ryan Show With Guest Jake Redpath! 

Jake Redpath joins Patrick and Dennis, and we learn some intimate details about the trio. For instance, things Jake loves: his badass dad, pooping in public, and Pat's vasectomy.Things that make Jake cry: Indian's pumping gas. Things that Dennis Loves: eugenics and yanking off for money. Things that make Dennis cry: a particular pop song, a certain children's book, and human evolution. Things that Pat loves: car stereos and nothing else. Things that make Pat cry:nothing. Things that Pat hates: troops, black people, Al Gore, children, women with pee funnels, and pretty much everything else. Listen now!


Patrick Ryan Is Just Playin', Bro! 

Glenn Bolton, Brad Ellis, and Brannan Murphy join Patrick up in the hizzie fo' shizzie, and this diverse cast of KC comedians get a rittle bit lacist this week. They also discuss sex with single moms, butt stuff, women's restrooms, MMA fights, and unfunny tweets. Tune in now to be utterly offended!


Larry Duane ("Not Ready For Radio") Visits "The Patrick Ryan Show"! 

Finally, the REAL episode 10 of Patrick Ryan's phenomenal comedy podcast arrives! Guest Larry Duane ("Not Ready For Radio") joins Pat and Dennis for a long talk that includes subjects like creepy Google, podcasting secrets, the Arby's cartel,  the Disney princess conspiracy, stand-up comedy, and the definitions of the following words: butterface, clan, and miscegeny. Listen now for some free funny from some funny f--kers!