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End of Summer, Hollywood Gets "Blanded" 

Quincy enjoys the end credit sequence of "Branded", Alex goes back to the 80's, and filmmaker Tony Scott is remembered in episode 8 of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A". Don't let the bland end-of-summer Hollywood offerings get you down; Q and A bring you all the entertainment you need. Click here to listen!

Katie Kills Kupid 

On episode three of her show, Katie invites Alex Paxton from "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A" on for an epic conversation about the reasons why relationships suck. Presented here is part one of their 4-hour (!) beatdown on Cupid. Listen to "Katie Gets Krabby" by following this link!

Sexy September is Here! "Not Ready For Radio" is Waiting to Satisfy You Aurally. 

Sexy September is here, and Larry Duane is giving it to you deep with a double-dose of stimulation for your aural cavities this week!

In episode 24, Drew Black is back, so Larry dims the lights and gets him into the mood for the string of Sexy September shows planned for "Not Ready Ready For Radio" in the coming weeks by sharing stories of stiletto racing, anal ink, and stumbling upon surprise nudity. Listen to all of this and more on this special bonus episode!

The hotness continues in episode 25 when Larry welcomes Amanda Hamburg Feldman to the show for the first official episode of his Sexy September string of shows. Larry tries to figure out what a biker babe is and isn't, and he also gets to learn a little bit about what it takes to be a promotional model. Also discussed are super-sexy stories about National Go-Topless Day in the USA, charity boob squeezes in Asia, and additional uses for the little swimmers in your balls.

Listen to "Not Ready For Radio" by clicking here!

Quincy and Alex Don't Give a Damn! 

"Ruby Sparks" doesn't spark Quincy's interest much, Alex quite enjoys "Public Sex", and nobody gives a sh!t about "Battleship". Hear the guys share their deepest feelings about these and several other flicks in this week's episode of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A"! Check out "Love Don't Give a Damn" by clicking this link!

Cheer Up, Larry! 

Larry Duane and Banen Chaney start the show discussing creatures who've made the news for being in the wrong place at the wrong time; and then Banen explains all of the reasons why Larry should have gotten into her chosen profession: cheerleading. Rah-Rah-Rawr! Listen to it now! Rah-Rah-Rink! Play by clicking on the link!

Banen and Larry

Katie's Getting Krabby Again... 

Katie's heart is heavy this week, as she remembers the 31 American military men, including 25 Navy Seals, killed in action in 2011 when their helicopter was brought down in Afghanistan. On the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, she shares some of her personal feelings about the incident, including her major beefs about how the news media, and others, handled the situation. Click here to listen!


On the latest episode of "That Movie Podcast: Film talk Q&A",  "A" goes along for the ride (quite literally) as "Q" refuses to suspend disbelief during his viewing of "The Dark Knight Rises"; and our dynamic duo breaks down every plothole in the flick (SPOILERS!). Our heroes also list their top 5-ish movies released in 2012 thus far, and also their bottom 20-ish. It seems to be true: some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb. Click here to listen in!

Bloody Larry, Bloody Larry, Bloody Larry... 

In the twentieth episode of "Not Ready For Radio" (Pair 'O' Normals and Men in Love), Drew Black (from Drew Black and Dirty Electric) and Gavin Mac (from The Latenight Callers) join Larry Duane again for more talk about the supernatural. Rods? We got 'em. Orbs? Got those, too. Bloody Mary moving beds and writing on windows? Yep, that story is in there somewhere. Also, Absynthe, Ambien, and man-love. Turn down the lights, and click here to listen.

Katie's Getting Krabby With FASE Media 

FASE Media is pleased to announce the addition of yet another show to the FASE Media Podcast Network! "Katie Gets Krabby" is a brand new show on which you'll hear Katie and her guests discuss every little thing that has been annoying them, frustrating them, and making them just plain "krabby".

On her debut episode, Katie sits down to get krabby with her friend John Busby. Together they fuss over gun control, Chick-Fil-A, believers without reasons, people who hate seeing others happy, and self-censorship. So, you know... no hot button topics or anything...

Click this link to listen!

Buh Duh... Buh Duh... Buh Duh, Buh Duh, BuhDuhBuhDuhBuhDuhBuhDuhBuhDuh! 

On the second episode of "Talking Pictures", the crew invites you to listen in to their viewing of the classic suspense film "Jaws" (1975). Since we're in the middle of a hellishly hot summer, we thought we'd remind you to stay out of the water by watching Steven Spielberg's first blockbuster along with this month's featured commentators: Drew Black (of the rock band Drew Black & Dirty Electric), Nat B., Alex Paxton (co-host of That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A), Katie (of the Katie Gets Krabby podcast), and Larry Duane (from Not Ready For Radio). Click here, and be reminded of why you're safer on land...

Ladies Night on "Not Ready For Radio" 

Tune in this week for another double-dose of "Not Ready For Radio" with Larry Duane! It's kind of a Ladies Night around here, as tonight's new episodes feature a couple of lovely Kansas City gals spending a bit of quality time with Larry (and -- vicariously -- with you).

First up, in episode 18 (Mah Girlfren), Larry convinces Katie -- his lovely girlfriend -- to join him on mic to talk about their burgeoning romance, and to take a quiz to help determine just how strong her feelings for him are. The couple also share stories about the very first days of their relationship, and talk about some of the challenges that they're tackling together.

Next, in the 19th episode of the show (The Pin-Up, the Pious, and the Plague), pin-up princess Devyn Lundy joins Larry Duane for a candid and revealing discussion about being sexy without being slutty, and about being righteous without being religious. A look at this week's news is also... uh... revealing, with a story about TSA "package" handlers, a link between a man's digits and his ding-a-ling, and a woman granted the right to swim topless in public. There's also a plague of flies; plus, "Twilight" as a doorway for the devil!

Have Quincy and Alex from "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A" Gone Soft?  

The boys have seen "Ted", and they think it's the best movie of all time (okay, not really; but they do kinda bow down and worship the flick). Q also has a lot of praise for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", while A is pleasantly surprised by "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World". Could this be the first time the guys have no disparaging words to launch at Hollywood? Don't count on it.

Oh. My. Pod. 

New ShitNeed something to occupy your time this 4th of July holiday week? Well, you are in luck because we're fully equipped to give you hours of aural stimulation!

A brand new show is available today! "Talking Pictures" is an interactive podcast in which you pop our movie-of-the-month into your home cinema device, turn down the volume, and tune into our commentary. In episode one, you're invited to watch the sci-fi horror classic "Alien" along with Nat, Larry, and Alex, who spend the film sharing their thoughts about the movie, and also going off on wild tangents

But that's not all! Larry Duane also offers you a double-shot of "Not Ready For Radio" in the form of episode 16 (with guest Matt Andres), and episode 17 (with Andrea Housh and Amber Killingsworth), both available today!

And, finally, July 4th ushers in the third installment of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q & A" with Quincy Brown and Alex Paxton, in which the boys will no doubt be bickering over which flicks suck, and which flicks rock.

So get your butt out of the heat and into the air conditioned comfort of your favorite chair, visit our podcasts page, and choose the form of your distractor!

"Prometheus" Gets Lambasted In Episode Two of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q & A"  

The second episode of "TMP:FTQ&A" finds Alex and Quincy suprisingly in agreement over their disappointment with Ridley Scott's latest venture into the "Alien" universe. After some serious ripping on that movie, the pair discuss a number of other flicks, including "Star Trek", "Spider", "Crisis", Buck Rogers", and more before shooting some additional disparaging comments towards "Prometheus". Listen now by clicking this link!

A Second Podcast Joins the FASE Media Podcast Network!  

In the debut episode of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q & A", you'll meet Quincy and Alex -- two buddies who like to bicker over the films they love and the films they hate; and you'll find yourself laughing along with (or at) the pair as they preview and review a myriad of movies.

This episode, entitled "Sheriff Big Mac Rises", features discussion of a number of flicks including: "Snow White and the Huntsman", "Men in Black 3", "The Avengers", and many more (all spoiler free-ish)! Tune in now by clicking this link!



Larry Duane & little Larry DThings get serious on the 15th episode of the show, as Larry Duane attempts to explain why you've been taking the previous 14 episodes too seriously. Along the way, a personal history is revealed and the humor is temporarily repealed. Are we seriously broadcasting this episode? Seriously??? Whatever. Listen now, if you want to. We suppose it might be of some interest to you if you knew Larry Duane in high school or something like that...

Open Mouth, Insert Bigfoot 

Writer/poet/educator Missi Rasmussen visits the show, and she becomes Scully to Larry's Mulder as they discuss paranormal creatures and events before turning their attention from the Greys to "Shades of Grey". Also, Missi invites YOU to write your own piece of fiction (and whether your work leans more towards the extraterrestrial or the erotic is completely your call). Listen now!

Rob Schamberger Is the Main Event On This Week's Episode of "Not Ready For Radio"! 

Artist Rob Schamberger enters the ring, and delivers a TKO to Larry's brain regarding the subject of pro wrestling, as they discuss Rob's current undertaking of painting each and every world title champ in the history of the sport. Also discussed are folks setting foot onto the mat who were not quite world champion material; contenders such as Mantaur, Max Moon, and... Pee Wee Herman? Plus, a revelation about wrestlers more interested in winning the Bible belt than a title belt. Click here to listen now, brother!

Larry Duane & Rob Schamberger

Jessica Jones in the Joint on "Not Ready For Radio"! 

On this week's episode of "Not Ready For Radio", Larry Duane welcomes Jessica Jones to the show. Together they discuss Jessica's potential career as a crimefighter, the secret origin of her boobs, how Larry wants to vomit on fake boobs, how some boobs have trouble knowing when feeding time is over, a new soution for sweaty boobs, and a woman who faked boob cancer. Our fine pair also touch on tattooed boobs, and a bunch of religious boobs who stopped playing a game because they didn't want to get to second base. Plus: Why does Larry have to cuss so damn much? Find out when you listen to "Not Ready For Radio" by clicking this link! It's guaranteed to lift and separate your mood!

Larry Duane & Jessica Jones