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"Talking Pictures" Gets the Royal Treatment... 

Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Anjelica Huston, Danny Glover, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Luke Wilson star in this month's (obviously) star-studded "Talking Pictures" selection -- "The Royal Tenenbaums"! Join Alex and Larry as they watch one of Larry's top three comedies of all time, which also happens to be a somewhat touching (if pretentious) family drama about a bad dad's misguided attempt to reconnect with his family of spectacular has-beens.

We've Got a Long Way to Go, and a Short Time to Get There... 

There were two huge movies in the summer of 1977, and this month's episode of "Talking Pictures" sees Alex and Larry discussing the one that didn't introduce the world to lightsabers and Wookies. "Smokey and the Bandit" instead features a Playgirl icon in a fast car, a super-sexy Sally, a "Honeymooner" in hot pursuit, and a country music legend with a hound dog, all in an action-packed comedic plot about moving some Coors beer from one town to another. Also, as a follow-up to last month's feature, there's a little bit of "Man of Steel" talk thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

This Month's "Talking Pictures" Is Just Super... 

In one of the most talkative "Talking Pictures" to date, Larry and Alex revisit the Man of Steel's first feature length adventure just in time for his most recent one, which is hitting screens this month. The pair discuss the hero's history (including the comic books, the tv shows, the cartoons, the movies, etc.), and they also share their hopes and expectations for the new film, all while still managing to comment on the film they are currently watching -- the Richard Donner-helmed "Superman: The Movie". Tune in to the show now!

This Week on "Not Ready For Radio": The Zen of Ten 

Author Doug "Ten" Rose joins host Larry Duane to share stories about hitchhiking, doing a ridiculous amount of drugs, feeding the world, and partying with a lesbian band at a concert for the deaf. Ten has certainly led a life of adventure, and his message for Larry and the listeners of "Not Ready For Radio" is both simple and profound: we are all spiritual beings sharing a human experience, so don't be an asshole. Listen now to find out about Ten's mission, and to hear how you can be a part of that mission!

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Krabby Katie Gets Stone'd! 

Katie continues her reality show run by chatting with Warren Stone from "The Voice". Unfortunately, she's doing it without much of a voice of her own, but the pair still manage to share a terrific conversation about Warren's experiences on the hit television show, his life as a firefighter in the South, and whether his flirtatious nature creates any issues within his new relationship. They also discuss how to balance following one's dreams with being a good parent. Listen now!

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Fact, Fiction, and Faith Collide When Author Dina Rae Visits "Not Ready For Radio"! 

Larry Duane welcomes author Dina Rae to the show for a discussion about the relationship between religion and the paranormal. Subjects touched upon include fallen angels, giants, UFOs, aliens, vampires, psychics, and God. Dina has researched the dickens out of these fascinating fringe topics for her books, and Larry is super excited to chat with someone as well-versed in these points of interest as he likes to think he is. Put on your tin-foil hat, and tune in to this week's paranormal-powered episode of "Not Ready For Radio"!

Be sure to check out Dina Rae's latest novel: "Halo of the Nephilim".

Alex and Larry Spill Their "Space Seed" All Over "The Wrath of Khan" in a Special "Talking Pictures" 

With a new "Star Trek" film arriving in theaters this month, it seems like the ideal time to revisit the franchise's glorious past with a "Talking Pictures" double feature of "Space Seed" from the original series, and "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". Both of these classic voyages of the Starship Enterprise feature Kirk and crew in a showdown with Ricardo Montalban's villainous Khan. Grab yourself a glass of Romulan Ale, and join Alex and Larry as they learn that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of Spock!

Christian Porter ("The Voice") Visits Krabby Katie! Also, Comedy! 

Katie is joined by Christian Porter from the current season of "The Voice"! They discuss his experiences on the popular show, and his plans and hopes for the future. Also, Katie and Gabe Lange hit the streets for some interviews with the locals, including a handful of Kansas City's finest comedians. Listen here!

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Some People Turn to Drugs. Some People Turn to the Lord. Others Turn to "Not Ready For Radio"... 

Picking up where the last episode left off, Drew Black and Larry Duane begin by discussing the weirdness of the modern world. Then Drew tells about a recent trip he went on, and how it helped him make some sense of things. And then Larry explains some of the reasons why there are things about God that don't make any sense to him at all anymore. The world is crazy, and so is this episode of "Not Ready For Radio". Tune in now for your fix!

The Movie's Never as Good as the Book, Is it? 

Katie is joined by returning guests Larry Duane and Kevin Saito, and welcomes newcomer Kristen Duvall, for a discussion about books that have been translated to film. Do they all suck, or just most of them? Which flicks are the worst offenders? And what about movies based upon that highest form of literature -- comic books?

Check it out on the latest episode of "Katie Gets Krabby"!

Black is Back! 

Season 2 of "Not Ready For Radio" begins here! Drew Black joins Larry once again, this time for a talk about a recent review that the new "Drew Black & Dirty Electric" album received in Kansas City's alternative weekly newspaper. One might contend that the review was unfairly unfavorable -- in fact, on this very episode are TWO people contending that very thing -- but, all press is good press, right? Right? Tune in now to find out!

C'mon, Everybody, Get Down With the Sickness... 

This week's episode of KGK features twice the Katie-ness and twice the krabby-ness as Katie is joined by her friend Katie Ortega for a talk about the troubling health issues that they are both constantly dealing with. Tune in now to hear how it sucks having a body that betrays you.

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Katie's Boyfriend's Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble... 

Katie brings her boyfriend back to the show to make him laugh, cry, and call him out on a few things. Topics discussed and debated include Facebook etiquette, canine contrition, why Katie has a podcast, and who's the gayist (yes, that's spelled correctly). Listen now to hear the couple set some things straight!

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It's Springtime for Larry and Alex On This Month's "Talking Pictures"! 

This month on "Talking Pictures", Alex brings a really funny flick to the show: Mel Brooks' "The Producers". Larry hasn't seen it in ages, so he gets kinda wrapped up in the comedy and forgets that they're recording, but some interesting tidbits are nonetheless discussed between the hosts. A few odd tangents are taken, as well. Grab a copy of this classic movie, pop it into your player, and tune in to the podcast to laugh along!

This Week On KGK: Katie Gets Krabby With the Las Vegas Bushman! 

Katie has Ryan Lewis -- the Las Vegas Bushman -- on the line, and together they discuss his popular and hilarious prank videos. Ryan's pranks never fail to pull Katie out of a funk, so she is very happy to get the behind-the-scenes scoop about his YouTube channel (, and about the fun ways he makes his victims nearly soil their underwear. Tune in now to laugh along!

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Paxton: Behind the Movies... Even More Movies 

Larry attempts to take a deeper look into the life of his movie-obsessed friend Alex Paxton (co-host of "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A" and "Talking Pictures"), but he soon discovers that all roads lead back to the cinema. However, some detours are indeed taken as the pair discuss sci-fi and fantasy novels, a childhood fascination for the Universal monsters, military parachute repair, and the high-stakes sport of jello wrestling. Listen now as things get "reel"!

This Week On Katie Gets Krabby: Katie Gets Krabby With Nick Pick! 

Katie welcomes rock & roller, peace activist, and all-around good guy Nick "Pick" Pickrell to the show to hear about his mission to help the poor, stop the nukes, and rock the people. Tune in to hear him tell Katie about the time he went to jail, what inspired him to travel to India, and how he came to live at a place that the local cops call "the cult on the corner".

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WOW! Christian Music, Right? 

Larry and his guest Quincy, whom you may know from "That Movie Podcast: Film Talk Q&A", discovered a short while ago that they both had similar musical tastes growing up, including an affinity for Christian rock music. In this episode of "Not Ready For Radio", they set out to discuss some of their favorite talents from that ghetto of the music world, but they mostly end up crucifying the religious faith they both used to share.

Katie Gets Krabby With Jenn 

This week on "Katie Gets Krabby": Katie and guest co-host Gabriel Lange chat with an actress/model friend about relationship issues, how tough it is to be a giant, and how to handle harsh reviews.

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Spoiler: The One-Armed Man Did It! 

On this month's episode of "Talking Pictures", Larry needs to cleanse his palette after watching a pretty terrible action film in theaters recently, so he and Alex sit down to take in a pretty great action movie from the 1990's: "The Fugitive". Harrison Ford stars as the falsely-accused Dr. Richard Kimble, with Tommy Lee Jones' Sam Gerard hot on his freshly-escaped-from-prison ass. You'll have to forgive our hosts for letting the conversation wane a bit towards the end of the episode; they kinda got sucked in by this terrific flick.