Patrick Ryan's Latest Episode Is a Laugh Orgy!

Patrick and Dennis get raucous with fellow comedians Brad Ellis, Patrick Moore, Brannan Murphy. The group shares a lot of laughs while discussing transsexuals, frat girls, dating site hookups, regular-sized ALF, grocery store bars, Spike Lee versus Spike Jonez, and…Read more

Brett Schmidt Hates on The Patrick Ryan Show!

Comedian Brett Schmidt joins Patrick and Dennis to help spread all kinds of hate. There's Jeff Dunham hate, reality television hate, current event hate, kilt hate, stalker hate, and even some hate for embarrassing sexual experiences. But the guys do…Read more

Episode Two of The Patrick Ryan Show Available Now!

For his second episode, Patrick is joined again by Dennis Chanay, and together they wonder if people ever play drinking games, except with cocaine instead of booze. They also question the merits of polyamory, cursive handwriting, and sex contracts, and…Read more

Comedian Patrick Ryan Joins FASE Media!

FASE Media is proud to welcome a brand new podcast to the FASE Media Podcast Network! Comedian Patrick Ryan brings his distinctive wit and raw humor to a show in which he and fellow stand-up comics shoot the bull about…Read more

Katie Rolls Out the Red Carpet!

Katie welcomes red-carpet reporter Kristyn Burtt to the show for a lively discussion about rubbing elbows with celebrities! As regular listeners know, Katie is rabid for reality television, so she and her guest spend a fair amount of time discussing…Read more

"Talking Pictures" Presents: A Kick A** Christmas!

Larry and Alex celebrate Christmas with an action-comedy set during this festive season, and featuring a number of things sure to land them on Santa's naughty list: guns, boobs, dead bodies, and digital dismemberment. Shane Black has a knack for…Read more

Katie Gets Buy-Curious...

Katie and Larry Duane (Not Ready For Radio) talk with author and real estate guru Becki Saltzman about her book, "Arousing the Buy Curious: Real Estate Pillow Talk for Patrons and Professionals". Unfortunately, the mic on Katie and…Read more

Are You Ready for Some Football??!!

Katie is joined by some fellow football fans for a discussion about her home team: the Kansas City Chiefs! The group talks about the teams current winning streak, the Arrowhead crowd, Chiefs controversies, and... locker room bullying? Listen now to…Read more