Things Get Sexy On "Not Ready For Radio" This Week!

Light some candles, dim the lights, and get out the bacon-flavored lube, because this week's podcast takes a turn for the sexy when Larry Duane welcomes Alisha Vincent to the show. Prepare to feel blood rush to your naughty bits…

Do You "Like" Larry Duane? You Should!

Did you know that you can now "Like" and follow "Not Ready For Radio" host Larry Duane on Facebook? Just go here and click the "Like" button to help us get the word out about his unique and entertaining weekly…

Larry Duane and Brett LaFollette School You, Sunday Style!

Brett LaFollette makes a return visit to "Not Ready For Radio" to discuss a terrifying (and hopefully fake) April Fools Day prank gone awry, how Christians are completely ignorant when it comes to Jewish things like circumcision and Passover, and…

"Not Ready For Radio" Gives You the Willies This Week

Things get spooky when Larry Duane welcomes Drew Black back to the show to discuss the paranormal. There's talk of shadow people, lights in the sky, and dum-dums at the foot of the bed. Oh, and there's pizza.

Drew Black's "Wanderlust" Available Now from FASE Media

Kansas City's Drew Black (Dirty MuseThe Belated) has a brand new full-length project available now! With two solo recordings under his belt (Non EP (2003), North Under Nine (2007), both released by Bully Pulpit Recording