"Not Ready For Radio" Is With You In Spirit...

NRFR's "Halloweekly" series coninues as Larry welcomes Dr. Rita Louise to the show for a discussion about attached entities -- spirits who invade our personal space. Specifically, they discuss some of the real-life encounters that Dr. Rita has experienced in her work as a medical intuitive, paranormal investigator, and clairvoyant, and that she's written about in her book, "Dark Angels: An Insider's Guide to Ghosts, Spirits, and Attached Entities". Listen now to hear the conversation about these haunting hijackers, and then go get your own copy of Dr. Rita's freaky and fascinating book! Oh, and remember that weird audio interference that plagued the podcast last week? Yeah, well, it's back. Ghosts? Gremlins? We don't know, but it sure makes the listening experience extra spooky!


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