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Here's What's Happening...

"Not Ready For Radio" Celebrates the 5th Birthday of Larry Duane's Daughter 

For episode four of his new weekly podcast, Larry welcomes his ex to the show to help celebrate their daughter's birthday! But before the festivities start, Larry and Abigail Romang discuss news about PMS and Batman; and Larry forces her to look into the Glory Hole, which makes her righteously indignant. Click here to listen to "Not Ready For Radio" for the week of March 19th - March 25th.

Abigail Romang, Stormie Lenore Murphy, and Larry Duane

Drew Black's "Wanderlust" Available Now from FASE Media 

Kansas City's Drew Black (Dirty MuseThe Belated) has a brand new full-length project available now! With two solo recordings under his belt (Non EP (2003), North Under Nine (2007), both released by Bully Pulpit Recording Co.), as well as time spent playing with nationally recognized act The Belated, Drew has continued to prove himself to be a skilled musical craftsman and lyrical wordsmith.

His latest effort -- Wanderlust -- is a compelling piece of rock n' roll operatics, weaving a tale of two disenchanted souls struggling to find their place outside the gates of Paradise. As per usual, Mr. Black's songs alternate between balls-to-the-wall rock and quieter, more haunting melodies; but there is a darkness in Wanderlust that weaves itself throughout each track and binds the album together.

Wanderlust by Drew Black may be downloaded and/or ordered on CD by clicking on the "Music" tab at the top of this page!

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